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Why PDF Compression is Important

AltoPDF team

Mar 26 2020 / 11 min read

The lack of space on a mobile device or memory card, as well as limitations on sending files via electronic mail or messenger may bring difficulties during storage or sharing. Large documents contain a lot of information that should be stored in a single PDF. That is why decreasing file size through its split can be inconvenient. PDFs look ideal, neat and professional, but may take up too much memory. The best way to get a document, containing all you need while still having the proper size, is to compress it. 

The compression tool may be available as an integral part of multi-functional online services or single-feature solutions. Those who need to complete the process fast and easy should better process their files via online-based and free solutions with a simple interface, like AltoPDF. The usage of those solutions guarantees you spend minimal time, while still getting maximal results. 


How to Compress a Document Online 


The compression of the file goes fast and smooth with the usage of Alto Compress service. One can appreciate it by visiting the website personally. This solution works perfectly thanks to the following features:

  1. Independence from the device type and the browser or operating system you use.
  2. Fast compression speed and simple interface.
  3. The absence of registration and the need to provide any personal information.
  4. No payments, hidden fees, limitations or trial periods. 
  5. Compression results look the same as the original file.

To convert a large document you will need to follow these instructions:

1 Go to the AltoConvertPDF website. You will see the number of ways for document upload.

2 Add the sample for compression from the device’s inner or cloud storage.

3 Complete the PDF compression using the Compress Now button.

4 Download the final document or save it to the cloud storage you are used to working with. 

The transformation of your PDF into a smaller one will not influence either the document’s internal formatting nor its quality. It will look perfectly the same as the original, but take up less memory.